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Point-of-Care Testing Toolkit

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Author : CAP Point-of-Care Testing Committee
ISBN : 9781941096246
Price : $25
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Point-of-Care Testing Toolkit, developed by the CAP Point-of-Care Testing Committee, is intended to be a resource for any member of the POCT team who wants to learn about POCT or who has responsibility to guide or direct POCT. It may be particularly useful to pathology residents, pathologists who have been longtime directors of POCT programs, or pathologists who have been recently assigned to lead POCT programs. Pathologists may also use the toolkit to guide other members of their POCT teams, including POCT coordinators and medical technologists who are involved in POCT. Contents include POCT advantages and disadvantages, current and projected technology, pathologist roles in POCT, laboratory director and point-of-care coordinator roles, selection of appropriate test methods, validation and verification protocols, quality control and data management, patient safety, and POCT training and competency.

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